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Existing Tenants:
For a swift resolution to any problem with your property that is NOT an emergency fill out the form below. We will be in contact if there is any further information we need in order to proceed with a resolution.

If you smell GAS please call National Grid on 0800 111999

For loss of ELECTRICITY please call your supplier or UK Power Network on 0800 0280247

For WATER problems please call Thames Water on 0845 9200800 or you can check their website

If you have been the victim of a BURGLARY, please contact the Police on 999

For FIRE emergencies please contact the Fire Brigade on 999

A.K. Locksmiths - for Local and North London Properties - 020 7435 9305

Mikey Locks - for CITY Properties - 07951 165 665

Everything else - please fill out the form.

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